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Animal Science Technician

Req ID #: 216288

Montreal (Senneville), Quebec, CAN

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Animal Science Technician - Toxicology

Animal Science Technician - Toxicology

As an Animal Health Technician for our Toxicology team, you will be responsible for the well-being of our laboratory animals. Your contribution will ensure the health of our animals, as well as the integrity of our pre-clinical studies.

In this role, primary responsibilities include:

  • Administer test items / medications to animals (Gavage, intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous injections)
  • Perform sample collection (blood, urine, etc.)
  • Collect data (body weight, food consumption, clinical signs, etc.)
  • Handle animals for any activities that requires it
  • Clean all types of animal housing and accessories


Necropsy Prosector

As a Prosector for our Necropsy team, you will mainly be responsible for performing the post-mortem examination of animals while following the ethical regulations and directives from study plans. 

In this role, primary responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating animal tissues for pathologists
  • Weigh and document all abnormalities of the organs
  • Euthanize animals prior to performing the necropsy
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