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Veterinary Technician

Req ID #: 219790

Poolesville, Maryland, USA
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About this job

We are looking for a Veterinary Technician level I-III to join our Insourcing Solutions team located in Poolesville, MD.

We are looking for a Veterinary Technician level I-III to join our Insourcing Solutions team located in Poolesville, MD. 

How will you have an impact? 
This is the moment to use your talents and imagine those talents contributing to improving global health and peoples’ lives. In the VT role you can do that by ensuring the health and well-being of all the non-human primates in the facility, as well as the integrity of the research.  

Why work at Charles River?
We offer an excellent onboarding program for our new employees, internal career development, and competitive benefits! 

What you will do! 
In the Veterinary Technician I, II, and III role, you use existing SOPs and quality assurance standards to perform daily and weekly health checks of all animals in the colony, including geriatric rhesus monkeys. You will collect and record physiological data (pulse, respiration, heart rate, body temperature, etc.) and report any abnormal conditions of either the animals or the animal room environment. This role is also tasked with preparing and distributing individualized diets, enrichment, and clinical treatments to study animals; as well as accurately maintaining electronic medical records and updating treatment plans based on communications with core and veterinary staff.   

In addition, assists veterinarians or investigators with surgeries or specialized procedures, setting up procedure areas, preparing supplies and equipment for experimental procedures, cleaning and sanitation of prep areas and procedure rooms. Safely and correctly handle and restrain animals for observation and procedure, including femoral blood collection, IV catheterization, aseptic tissue collection and processing, euthanasia, anesthesia, food or liquid consumption, drug administration (Topical, PO, IM, SQ, IV and ID), TB testing, weighing, physical examinations, restraint and handling of animals, radiographs, and other technical procedures as needed. You may also be asked to collect, preserve, and prepare blood, urine, stool, and tissue samples; calculate drug dosages and administration frequencies; participate in study related necropsies and tissue harvest; as well as maintain laboratory equipment, procedure areas, and freezer sample inventory. 

The VTIII is also responsible for providing leadership, training, and oversight to the veterinary technician team; monitoring performance and completion of tasks, including scheduling procedures and assigning daily tasks. You may be tasked with training investigators, providing admin support such as facility data management, computer maintenance, composing technical aspects of animal study proposals and other similar duties.

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