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Repository Specialist

Req ID #: 219333

Frederick, Maryland, USA

About this job

We are seeking a Repository Specialist for our Insourcing Solutions site in Frederick, MD.

We are seeking a Repository Specialist for our Insourcing Solutions site in Frederick, MD.

The responsibilities of the Repository Specialist are:

  • Receive, handle and inventory specimens of human, animal and/or plant origin at temperatures ranging from ambient to -195°C. Follow established personal protective equipment (PPE) procedural guidelines and adheres to strict safety protocols when working with items containing potentially hazardous properties.
  • Assemble and display data for the storage and retrieval of specimens and for report preparation.
  • Perform freezer inventories.
  • Process and aliquot specimens.
  • Operate controlled-rate freeze equipment.
  • Weigh extract samples.
  • Prepare samples for pickup, courier delivery and shipment.
  • Enter data into client’s online repository database for sample tracking and inventory management.
  • Maintain repository files for validation of data and preparation of reports; review accumulated data for accuracy and prepare reports of information and sample data.
  • Drive client vehicle to deliver and pick-up specimens locally.
  • Participate in temperature/liquid nitrogen (LN2) liquid level monitoring and emergency response rotations.
  • Freeze specimens using controlled-rate freezing equipment.
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