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Necropsy Technician Assistant I

Req ID #: 220152

Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA

About this job

Full Time 40 Hours/Week

Full Time 40 Hours/Week

Perform basic laboratory and record-keeping tasks. Support the functions of the in-life, necropsy and formulation/analytical groups. 


  • Wash and dry glassware and distribute to appropriate locations within the laboratory. Keep
  • Label collection tubes and perform laboratory set-up/clean-up (e.g., dusting, mopping floors,
  • Perform basic husbandry duties such as liner changes or filling of feed jars.
  • Verify and record the temperature of assigned refrigerators or freezers.
  • Assist in the archiving of study-specific samples (e.g. back-up formulations, biological liquids or animal tissues).
  • Assist in preparing for animal arrivals. This may include preparing cages (attaching water lines, feed jars, cage tag holders), ensuring sippers work, ensuring cages are appropriate for species being housed and placing cage tags on the holders.
  • Process biological samples (e.g. plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, etc.) for possible analysis.
  • Assist technical personnel with clerical duties (e.g., filing, making copies, cage tags, etc.).
  • Monitor and maintain inventory and stock assigned areas (e.g. PPE Stations, 1st aid boxes).
  • May record observations and measurements for basic lab/research task (e.g. behavioral
  • Handle, restrain, and transfer small to medium size animals from one location to another.
  • Operate basic lab equipment and perform routine maintenance as needed.
  • Perform limited troubleshooting and calibration of instruments as appropriate for assigned area.
  • May be responsible for preparing simple lab solutions (e.g., buffers, media/common vehicles, bleach, and eye wash)).
  • May generate reports, master data sheets, forms and hand record data.
  • Perform all tasks in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice Regulations (GLPs) and
  • Transport, via company vehicles (truck, golf cart or car) supplies to multiple buildings (e.g. test articles, bio-hazard boxes, dry ice, reagents, etc
•    Perform all other related duties as assigned.

The pay range for this position is $19.00 an hour. Please note that salaries vary within the range based on factors including, but not limited to, experience, skills, education, certifications, and location.

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