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Animal Support Technician

Req ID #: 223624

Frederick, Maryland, USA

About this job

​​​​​​We are seeking an experienced Animal Support Technician to join our Insourcing Solutions team located in Frederick, MD.

​​​​​​We are seeking an experienced Animal Support Technician to join our Insourcing Solutions team located in Frederick, MD.

As an Animal Support Technician, you will perform a combination of duties in client facilities, including temporary assignments of caretaking, cage wash, and similar duties, at any IS contract site. 

Additional details about this role: 

  • Main area of support is cagewash and animal care. 
  • Animal care includes monitoring animal health and welfare while performing health observations; animal husbandry duties: daily equipment checks; provide food and water; perform cage checks and/or changes, record animal health concerns, and administer treatments as prescribed. (Variety of lab animals are possible) 
  • Cagewash support includes processing soiled caging/tanks and preparing new caging, ensure that parameters are met to meet sanitation, prepare, and set autoclave loads to designated cycle, and maintain a clean and organized cage wash area.  
  • Provide appropriate environmental enrichment, assist with restraint, handling, and manipulation of various animal species.  
  • Receive, inspect, and house incoming animals, and maintain accurate records of animal breeding, health, and housing/isolator or support areas.  
  • Assist with the receipt, stocking and maintenance of supply inventories, feed, bedding, etc. 
  • Maintain facility equipment and perform routine preventative maintenance on cagewash and autoclaves. 
  • May assist with technical procedures, such as providing treatments, blood and/or tissue collection, injections, surgical prep, administering anesthesia, and assisting with surgical procedures. Assist with breeding and weaning procedures to ensure appropriate production levels.  
  • May assist with diagnostic services such as necropsy, health surveillance, etc.
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