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Necropsy Technician

Req ID #: 214805

Bethesda, Maryland, USA

About this job

We are looking for a Necropsy Technician to join our Insourcing Solutions team, located in Bethesda, MD.

We are looking for a Necropsy Technician to join our Insourcing Solutions team, located in Bethesda, MD.

How will you have an impact?
This is the moment to use your talents and imagine those talents contributing to improving global health and peoples’ lives. In the Necropsy Technician role, you can do that by supporting necropsies of varied animal species to ensure the integrity of work performed. 

Why work at Charles River? 
We offer an excellent onboarding program for our new employees, internal career development, and competitive benefits! 

What you will do!
In the Necropsy Technician role, you will use existing SOPs and quality assurance standards to coordinate with a range of individuals regarding animal submissions and individual requirements. You will also be asked to assist the pathologist on duty with necropsy, as well as receive and accesses all incoming specimens for the pathologist on duty. Additional duties include preparing necropsy materials for each procedure; maintaining and operating equipment; cleaning and maintaining necropsy and utility room; and maintaining inventory of all materials required in the necropsy room. You will be tasked with ensuring that all tissues collected are fixed and processed, and that bone tissues are decalcified; in addition, you will cut and trims tissues, then submit them to histology for processing, and follow up on all processed tissues for pathologists. You may be required to take photographs of animals and tissues that must be documented for diagnostic, collaborative, and phenotyping procedures, and transfer said photos into a computer system. 

A Necropsy Technician will also get to assist assigned pathologist in prosecting for phenotyping procedure, as well as assist with Phenotyping and Histology as needed (including processing, embedding, microtomy, staining, and routine maintenance), and will enter data into appropriate databases. You can expect to collect blood through I.C., I.O., tail, and other routes, and process collected blood samples as directed, in addition to performing ectoparasite checks as directed. This position will share responsibility for departmental housekeeping and maintain appropriate inventory levels of departmental supplies, as well as assist with the receipt, stocking, and ordering of supply inventories, and cleaning all tissue collection jars.

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