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Animal Care Technician 2

Req ID #: 220391

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

About this job

We are seeking a Animal Care Technician 2 for our Insourcing Solutions site located in Baltimore Maryland.

We are seeking a Animal Care Technician 2 for our Insourcing Solutions site located in Baltimore Maryland.

As the Animal Care Technician 2, you will provide husbandry and technical support to the investigative staff in the production and maintenance of required animal models. 

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Perform daily animal husbandry duties to maintain quality and health of research animals, including: perform daily water bottle /automatic water line and cage checks; provide appropriate food and water; perform cage changing and/or cage cleaning. Accurately document animal health concerns.
  • Monitor environmental parameters and maintain written records.
  • Assist with restraint and handling of various animal species. Safely transfer non-human primates from cage to cage. 
  • Provide support to rodent breeding program, including setting up mating pairs, weaning, recordkeeping, and performing associated technical procedures, including phenotype observations.
  • Ensures that cages are identified correctly with information regarding strain or lineage, sex and sexual status.
  • Maintain detailed breeding records indicating the birth date, animal age, and fertility data of each animal.  Responsible for computerized or manual breeding records to maintain pedigree information on each animal. Cares for potential transgenic births, determines sex, and weans when appropriate.
  • Provide animal identification, i.e. ear notching, ear tagging, and toe clipping.
  • Assist with specialized care of animals including preparation of special diets, medicated water, care of immature, aged, and special study animals. Administer drugs or treatments to animals as directed.
•    Assist research staff with logistics and scheduling of projects, and conduct research and laboratory support services.

Job Qualifications 

The following are minimum requirements related to the Animal Care Technician 2 position:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • 1 year of experience working with research animals
  • AALAS certification at the ALAT level required; LAT certification or equivalent training and experience preferred

The pay this position is $20.00 USD per hour.   


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