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Data Review Assistant I, ACS

Req ID #: 223168

Reno, Nevada, USA

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  • Complete data review on all paper and electronic data produced in Operational departments.
  • Ensure all forms that require data review and electronic data are in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and forms are updated as needed.
  • Ensure all data corrections are completed by the appropriate staff members and that they are completed correctly.
  • Communicate with department management and supervisors regarding any issues related to data collection that impact the recording of data.
  • Assist in departmental training by providing assistance with training on correct methods of data notation and correction as it relates to study data review.
  • Assist in revising and developing department forms.
  • Archive, collate, and organize all completed and reviewed data and/or file as appropriate.
  • Interact with Quality Assurance regarding data that is received for review. Collaborate with QA staff to ensure GLPs are being followed for the recording of data.
  • Assist with department filing as needed.
  • Complete intermittent checks on study activities to ensure that documentation of data being collected is in compliance with SOPs and GLPs.
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned.
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